Built in 1823 this home once served  as  and office of  Dr. Sid Cortner and his wife Zela Ogden Cortner

This home once served as the summer              dormitory for Hanover College 


                                    Built in 1785 this home was once used as a stage coach station.                                                                       This home had been covered with clapboard when Walter Fahey

                                    decided to restore it.  Under the clapboard he discovered 45 foot

                                     long walnut logs. 


 Built in 1847 this was the home of  Dr.                                                 This home was built before 1820  Lewis, whose daughter married Judge                                                with brick from the Utica Kiln

 James Bottorff.


                                    Built in 1820 served as the home and office of Dr. Johnson,M.D.